GHBG 4D4 34 2R4 Ring Blower 3.3kW(4.4hp)

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GHBG 4D4 34 2R4 Ring Blower 3.3kW(4.4hp)

Frequency 50 (Hz) 60 (Hz)
Rated Power 3.3 (kW) 3.8 (kW)
Rated Voltage   200-240△345-415Y (V) 220-275△380-480Y (V)
Rated Current 13△/7.5Y(A) 13.8△/8Y (A)
Max Airflow 87 (m3/h) 105 (m3/h)
Max Vacuum -500 (mbar) -510 (mbar)
Rated Pressure 750 (mbar) 850 (mbar)
Sound 61 dB(A) 66 dB(A)
Weight 39 (kg) 39 (kg)



High efficiency motor;
IP55 & Insulation class H;
Built-in Thermal Protector(PTC);
High Temperature-Resistance bearing;
Special customized blower and OEM available;
24 months warranty and long-term technical support;
CCC, CE, SGS, TUV, RoHS, ISO9001 certification approved.


GOORUI Ring Blowers are extensively used in wood-working machinery, PCB products machinery, Food & Beverage, aquaculture aerator, Gas analysis, Industrial vacuum
cleaners/ central extraction systems, Printing & Paper industry, Textile, Plastic products machinery and sewage treatment and so on.


Operational Principles:
When the blade of high pressure air blowers rotates, the wind vane causes gases to move forward and outward under centrifugal force, producing a series of spiry movements.

The air between impeller blades speeds up rotation and the gases outside the pump body are pushed into side slot (through inlet), The gases are compressed upon entering
side channel, and go back between impeller blades for another speeding-up rotation.

When air goes through blade and side slot along a spiry track, each blade increases its compressing and speeding-up level. As the blade rotates, the kinetic energy of
gases is increased, which in turn increases the pressure of gases that go through the side channel.

When air arrives the connection between side slot and release flange (the side channel becomes narrow at the outlet), gases will be immediately extruded out of vanes
and released from the pump body through silencer at the outlet.


1. It should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.
2. The direction of rotation of the impeller must be consistent with the direction of the pointed tip marked on the fan cover.
3. When working, the working pressure should not be greater than 8 kPa, so as to avoid excessive heat generation of the air pump and damage to the air pump caused
by motor overcurrent.
4. It is strictly forbidden for solid, liquid and corrosive gas to enter the pump body.
5. The filters and silencers at both ends of the air inlet and outlet should be cleaned in time according to the situation to avoid clogging and affecting use.
6. The external connection of the air inlet and outlet must be connected by a hose (rubber tube, plastic spring tube).


1. Flat washers and spring washers must be used to tighten the screws.
2. It is best to use rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of the vortex air pump, especially the high-power vortex air pump, which is indispensable.
3. For some occasions that require noise, a silencer can be installed to reduce the noise (generally down, about 5 dB), the silencer is installed at the end of the
inlet duct or outlet duct.
4. For some occasions with high requirements for noise, you can add a layer of silencer cotton according to the conditions of the machine itself to meet the noise
requirements on site. For details, please consult our customer service.
5. When using silencing cotton to silence the sound, pay attention to the distance between the vortex air pump and the box, pay attention to the ventilation and heat
dissipation of the vortex air pump, and pay attention to using rubber cushioning to bear the weight of the vortex air pump. According to the picture, you need to
consult customer service.
6. The air inlet and outlet of the vortex air pump For pipe connection, hose connection should be used to isolate vibration.

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