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Pay attention to unusual minor problems of blowers

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Sometimes users don't pay much attention to some minor problems on side channel blowers, because they know that these will not pose a threat to the overall operation state of the equipment. As everyone knows, these small faults can very well become the source of major problems in the later period. This is also true

GOORUI Blolwer in Waste Water Treatment ( WWPT)

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The air is diffused into thousands of tiny bubbles. As these bubbles move through the wastewater, oxygen is captured and the purification process takes place just like the stream. The air compressor is located outside the treatment system for ease of service. This keeps the compressor away from the corrosive environment and the potential problem

GOORUI Blower in Air Knife Drying / Air Knife Blowoff

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An air knife system is meant to use Side Channel Blower /Regeneratibe blower  blow off any remaining substance (such as dust, water or any other liquid or debris) from products on a conveyor. These products have typically been washed or have been dipped in a liquid that needs to be dried for packaging. This is

FAQ of GOORUI Blower

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Q: what is the difference between Absolute and Gauge pressure? A- Gauge pressure is relative to the pressure surrounding the measuring devise or atmospheric pressure, whereas Absolute pressure is the total pressure exerted on a liquid or gas. Assuming we are at sea level under standard conditions then the atmospheric pressure would be 1013mbarA or

The role of Goorui blowers in packaging sealing

By |2020-04-08T15:23:05+08:00April 8th, 2020|Blower Technology|

Packaging seal is now the food industry, the department store industry, electronic device industry and many other industries in the essential key. The suitability of packaging and sealing equipment is related to the efficiency and cost of the entire production line. The blower is an indispensable part of the packaging and sealing equipment The blower

Side channel blower using in wastewater treatment

By |2020-03-31T11:20:10+08:00March 30th, 2020|Blower Technology|

The impeller of the blower is composed of a number of blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air in the middle of the impeller blades is affected by centrifugal force and moves towards the edge of the impeller, where the air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and

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