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Side channel blower using in wastewater treatment

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The impeller of the blower is composed of a number of blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air in the middle of the impeller blades is affected by centrifugal force and moves towards the edge of the impeller, where the air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and

Mainly Reasons for blowers didn’t start runing

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(1) maintenance system of side channel blower The blower must be used and repaired by an expert. 2. The Blowers is not allowed to run with the disease. 3. Regularly clean the dust inside the blower, especially the dirt and other impurities on the impeller, to prevent rust and imbalance. 4. The maintenance of the

Precautions for Operating GOORUI Blower

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The application of blowers is now more and more extensive, and it can be seen almost everywhere in our daily life, such as aquaculture, hot spring pools, textile equipment, and even in blowing systems. So, when we operate the GOORUI blower, what should we pay attention to ensure the smooth operation of the system? Before starting

GOORUI Side Channel Blowers: Working Principle and Application

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As an essential tool of industrial production, the side channel blower, also known as the regenerative blower, has been widely used in our daily life. However, it is a machine that is often neglected by us, let alone its working principles.  Keep reading, and this article will walk you through how does a side channel

How Air Agitation Improves the Quality of Electroplating ?

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GOORUI  blowers have been replaced compressed air and other high-pressure air-moving devices in thousands of metal-finishing lines and furnishclean, oil-free, stable air for reliable energy-efficient air agitation of tanks. Eachinstallation of a regenerative blower has decreased a plant’s operating expensesand improved plating quality. The use of low-pressure air to agitate metal finishing plating, anodizing, rinse-and-wash

Mainternance and Servicing of GOORUI blower

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Before start operating the regenerative blower (1).Make sure that you had read the operating manual and understand the contents very well.. (2).Make sure blower specification is the same as design. (3).Make sure appearance of blower is not damaged. (4).Please check the voltage of blower,if the voltage is not stable,please install voltage stabilizer. (5).Please make sure

Side Channel Blowers : How Do They Work, And What Are Their Uses?

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Side channel blowers /Regenerative blowers are an often overlooked piece of machinery, but they are essential for many manufacturing processes and daily-use applications. However, most people don't fully understand what it is that regenerative blowers do or how they work. Read on to learn about how this essential component of so many different manufacturing processes

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