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Side Channel Blower in Pneumatic Conveying

By |2020-10-15T17:55:03+08:00October 15th, 2020|Blower Technology, Industry News|

What is Pneumatic Conveying? Pneumatic conveying uses compressed air, or gas, to transfer bulk materials, like powders and granules, from one processing center to another. Material is moved through an enclosed conveying line or tube using a combination of pressure differential and airflow from a blower or fan. The positive or negative pressure, inside the

4 Things to Know Immediately About Industrial Blower

By |2020-09-25T11:15:29+08:00September 25th, 2020|Blower Technology|

By owning a functional industrial blower in your industry, you can achieve effective operation. However, purchasing one for the first time might leave you with some questions of what an industrial blower is, and the different types available. To help make your buying process smooth, we have compiled some information that will answer your questions. The

How Are Side Channel Blowers Applied to High-Speed Railway

By |2020-09-24T17:40:44+08:00July 9th, 2020|Blower Technology, Industry News|

Have you ever had the question of how to treat the wastewater from a high-speed railway or train? In fact, there is usually a sewage tank at the bottom of a high-speed railway and train to collect sewage and feces. When the high-speed railway and train arrive at the station, there will be pickup trucks

The High-Pressure Blower in Aquaculture Application

By |2020-09-25T10:55:12+08:00June 28th, 2020|Blower Technology, Industry News|

So your aqua tank is ready for a blower to help you improve the life and operation of your aqua-business, but you are not sure where to start? It’s a good thing you are here because, in this article, you will find the necessary information you need to help you make a great choice. All

What to do when something are sucked into the blower ?

By |2020-06-28T15:50:43+08:00June 28th, 2020|Blower Technology, Industry News|

Side channel blower has two functions of blowing and suction.There will be the corresponding suction pressure when there is air outlet pressure . Then this suction will probably absorb some things near the inlet. Moreover, the side channel blower is a kind of high precise equipment in the processing process. It adopts foreign high-precision processing equipment.

Regenerative Blower Applications for Packaging Industry

By |2020-06-19T11:42:57+08:00June 19th, 2020|Blower Technology, Industry News|

Many existing facilities in the packaging industry are upgrading their equipment to keep up with modern times requirements. Factory owners are searching for new reliable tools to deploy. Newly developed blower technology sees its employment for drying treatment. Protecting packaged materials from moisture can effectively assure higher quality for the end product. Within the packaging

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