GHBH 1D2 34 AR4 Air Blower 0.85kW(1.2hp)

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GHBH 1D2 34 AR4 Air Blower 0.85kW(1.2hp)


Frequency 50 (Hz) 60 (Hz)
Rated Power 0.85(kW) 0.95(kW)
Rated Voltage   200-240△345-415Y (V) 220-270△380-480Y (V)
Rated Current 4.2△/2.4Y(A) 4.0△/2.3Y (A)
Max Airflow 180 (m3/h) 210 (m3/h)
Max Vacuum -110 (mbar) -90 (mbar)
Rated Pressure 100 (mbar) 70 (mbar)
Sound 64 dB(A) 65 dB(A)
Weight 16 (kg) 16 (kg)



GOORUI Side channel blowers are maintenance-free:
·External, permanently lubricated bearings
·Contactless rotating impellers
·Fan-cooled motors

GOORUI Side channel blowers are user-friendly:
·Weight-optimised design through aluminum pressure casting parts
·Possibility for a vertical or horizontal installation
·Suitability for converter operation

GOORUI Side channel blowers are environmentally friendly:
·Oil-free operation
·Low energy requirement
·Low noise emission

GOORUI Side channel blowers can be used world-wide:
·50/60Hz voltage range motors of the Iso class F
·Protection type IP55 with an integrated thermal protection switch (standard)
·CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC and ISO9001 certifications

Our advantages:
·A large selection of sizes
·Extensive accessoires
·100% check prior to delivery
·Spare parts are in stock
·Service in our facilities or on site
·Fast and reliable delivery

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