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  • GOORUI air inlet filter assemblies provide additional protection for the blower  by preventing product and particle contaminants from entering the pump inlet. Preventing contamination effectively reduces pump wear and helps to maintain optimum operational reliability.

    These heavy duty housings are available with different media to suit every application in industrial vacuum technology.

    Genuine filter elements are characterised by their extremely high separation efficiency coupled with very low pressure loss, also at high volume throughput. Through offering you expert advise we make a contribution towards you reducing your operating costs to a minimum.



  • An External Silencer will fit directly to the inlet and/or outlet of your Regenerative Blower and greatly reduce the noise level produced by the blower. An External Silencer creates almost zero restriction on the blower and allows the air to pass straight through.

    The muffler can be used both ways as a suction or discharge silencer ,optimized for GOORUI side channel blower

    Ready to mount

    Flexible design

    Rugged metal construction

    Threaded on both sides

    Easy to connect




  • Filtering Barrel:

    Material: Steel 



  • Material: Steel
    Adusting range: 80-800mbar
    Application Type: Vacuum/Pressure

    The function of the pressure relief valve is used for adjusting the pressure or vacuum of high pressure blowers. 
    Using a T‐connector to connect the relief valve on the inlet or outlet pipe,relief valve can help to release excessive pressure / vacuum to protect the blower from being overload.

    Operation principle & Construction features:
    The relief valve is installed on inlet or outlet of side channel blower.
    When the working pressure or pressure surge inside the blowers overload than the rated pressure of side channel blower, the relief valve will be open within 0.2 minutes,
    the overload pressure will be released from relief valve in order to protect the blower. 
    When the working pressure reduces to safe value, the valve will be closed slowly, thiswill not cause the pressure surge again.

  • Material: Stainless steel

    Application: Normally, the filter should be used when the application has dust or grains, it was set
    up on the inlet pipe , in order to avoid the dust enter into blower so that the blower work properly.



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