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    GOORUI brand has long been a  leader in regenerative blower technologies, bringing regenerative advantages to a new level, providing quiet, maintenance-free, oil free operation.

     Belt Drive Blowers are Motorless and Feature:

    • Rugged cast aluminum housing, cover, impeller, and muffler tower
    • Precision balanced impellers for low vibration operation
    • High speed versions built with heat treated impellers

    GOORUI Regenerative blowers are used in many different applications:

    • Air-Assisted Breathing
    • Air-Assisted Inflation or Support
    • Air-Assisted Vacuum Pick-Up or Hold-Down
    • Air and Gas Sampling, Boosting, or Circulating
    • Electronic Cooling
    • Gas, Vapor, and Fume Recovery, Venting and Treatment
    • Solid Material Transporting, Separation and Collection
    • Parts Blow-Off and Drying
    • Solution and Media Agitation and Aeration
  • Customized  Special painting C3M RAL 5005 finish,

    Our team apply special paintings for extreme climatic conditions, fit for the tropics, maritime climates or offshore uses according to client's exact  requirements .

  • The speed control of the compressor drives takes place in an application-specific manner in synchronous or asynchronous technology.

    The integration of the side channel blower into your automation landscape is thus easily possible.

    Cabinet-free plant concepts with distributed intelligence can be realised via frequency converters. 

    Sensorless control concepts are implemented by characteristic map-based regulations.

  • Speciasl customzied blower with grease fitting hole ,

    clients can view the grease status and add grease to the front bearing,

    prolong the service life of  bearing .

    Anti-corrosion blowers are mainly used in environment with corrosive gas or particles.
    1. Avoid corrosive gas damaged the blower;
    2. Ensure the blower can continuously running;
    3. Increase the service life of blower.
    • Exd IIBT4 explosion proof.
    • IP55 motor, Ordinary or  Frequency conversion optional;
    • Spark proof ADC 12 aluminium alloy material.
    • Heat resistant SKF bearing.
    • Gas tight structure,
    • Inner Anti-corrosion treatment ;
    • Certification: CE,ROHS, ATEX,CNEX;

    Special designed according to customer technical requirement.

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