Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative Blowers for Environmental Applications

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Regenerative blower technology is an effective, economical, and most importantly, environmentally efficient solution for a wide range of environmental applications. Goorui is a world leader in regenerative blower technologies, with manufacturing facilities in Hunan, China. Our Role in Environmental Remediation With over 20+ years of experience in providing engineered solutions for environmental remediation, Goouri is

Trusted Regenerative Blowers Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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Regenerative air blowers are low-maintenance, oiless, contact free machines. A regenerative blower will operate for years without the being serviced. With a relatively low noise and high pressure capacity, they are ideal for vacuum and air delivery applications. These blowers are also called ring blowers and side channel blowers (“vortex” or “ring compressors”). They have

Goorui Ring Compressors / Regenerative Blowers

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About Goorui Brand Goorui, as the main brand of Dongguan Foersheng Intelligent M&E Co., Ltd.(FLS), is originated from Hannover University in Germany in 1933. With the core research&design technology in global vacuum pump industry, Goorui has got nearly 72 production technology patents. By importing the Three-Coordinate measuring machine from Germany, modernized finishing equipment from Germany

Applications of Goorui regenerative blowers in vacuum industry

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The movement of air is an important consideration in the design of most industrial cleaning systems. The immediate application that comes to mind is, of course, in drying. Fans are used for drying, cooling electronic devices, exhausting fumes and in a number of other ways in industrial cleaning systems. As useful and varied as fans

Single Stage Regenerative Blowers-GOORUI

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Single stage regenerative blowers are workhorses in many industrial, commercial, municipal, and institutional settings that require efficient air and/or gas movement. With a high degree of application flexibility plus a low level of noise and heat production, regenerative single stage blowers are prized for their ability to move large quantities of air in a non-positive

GOORUI | Regenerative Blowers & Vacuum Pumps – Low Cost

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What is the Regenerative Blower Process? The regenerative blower can be used as either a vacuum or a positive pressure machine. Gas is sucked in through the inlet, and with every rotation of the gas kinetic energy is added. This results in a further increase of pressure along the side channel. Centrifugal force is the

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