Regenerative blower technology is an effective, economical, and most importantly, environmentally efficient solution for a wide range of environmental applications. Goorui is a world leader in regenerative blower technologies, with manufacturing facilities in Hunan, China.

Our Role in Environmental Remediation
With over 20+ years of experience in providing engineered solutions for environmental remediation, Goouri is committed to delivering quality products and services, which is why we use Goorui regenerative blowers in a variety of applications:

· Groundwater Sparging
· Wastewater Treatment
· Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
· Dual Phase Extraction
· Landfill Gas Recovery
· Lagoon Gas Recovery
· Gasoline Vapor Recovery
· Radon Gas Collection
· Air Pollution Control
· Air & Gas Sampling, Boosting, or Circulating

Aeration Blowers in Groundwater and Wastewater Treatment

Our planet’s water purification cycle depends on naturally occurring forces, including the aerobic digestion of waste. This process takes a long time and can be overwhelmed by the stresses of civilization. Regenerative blower technology provides the assist that Nature needs to return water to a purified state. Blowers are used to pump air through wastewater to enhance the aerobic digestion of organics, providing a way of controlling the BOD (biological oxygen demand) involved in the process. Blowers are also used in the basic movement of wastewater and sludge through the treatment system, as well as controlling odors and digester gases.

At Goorui, our engineers and technicians continually strive to develop improvements to aeration blower systems. The advantages of regenerative blower technology include quiet, oil-free and maintenance-free operation.

What You May Need
Flexibility is key in wastewater management. Our versatility in motor options includes:

· High-efficiency motors
· Chemical duty motors
· Explosion-proof motors
· TEFC motors
· International voltage standards
· Variable speed controls/inverter duty

At Goorui, we are committed to exceptional quality in our system designs, customer service, technical support and product quality guarantees.

Ask us about any of your environmental remediation needs, including Groundwater Sparging, SVE systems, automatic UV Tube cleaning for scaling, auto backwash cleaning to maximize filtered water flow, and water BOD (Biologic Oxygen Demand) aeration. Call (86) 769 38971688 or Send email to