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Goorui Side Channel Blowers. Also known as vacuum pumps or ring blowers. Available in Single or Double stages. Generate higher pressure than industrial fans and with a lower airflow than centrifugal fan. Goorui is a remarkable Side Channel Blowers manufacturers, suppliers & exporters based in China. We have specially developed these as per industry guidelines

Trusted Regenerative Blowers Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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Regenerative air blowers are low-maintenance, oiless, contact free machines. A regenerative blower will operate for years without the being serviced. With a relatively low noise and high pressure capacity, they are ideal for vacuum and air delivery applications. These blowers are also called ring blowers and side channel blowers (“vortex” or “ring compressors”). They have

Over 20 Years Ring Blowers & Air Pumps Manufacturers

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The GOORUI GHBH series ring blowers, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, vacuum blowers are high pressure and vacuum, low noise, reliable and robust structure design for industrial machine and medical applications of vacuum suction or pressure air supply use. They are non-contacting, dry running and virtually maintenance free and can be replacements for Siemens units.

Applications of Ring Blower in Metallurgical Industry

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Goorui ring blowers plays an important role in the smelting process of steel and other metal materials. From ore to steelmaking, the main smelting processes, such as ore sintering, ironmaking and steelmaking, require ring blowers in all process flow of steel smelting. Goorui ring blowers for Sintering The ore for smelting needs to be sintered

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