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How to Select A Blower

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When selecting a side channel blower, it is important to choose a model that can achieve air flow and compression/vacuum comfortably within its performance curve. The below performance curve demonstrates vacuum and compression capabilities at 75m³/h airflow: The 2.2kW model is suitable for this flow rate and can withstand a maximum 240mbar pressure. The 1.6kW

Regenerative blower | German technology | provide a full systems and solutions

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Goorui Regenerative Blower, known also as Ring Blower or Side Channel Blower, is directly driven by TEFC IP54 Grade F insulation electric motors of Goorui's own make. As standard equipment, silencers are internally mounted on the discharge and suction side, thereby reducing noise levels considerably. Being highly resistant to corrosion, all blower and motor parts


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Given the availability of a large variety of air blower products, it can be challenging to determine which equipment is most suitable for your application. Therefore, it is imperative to distinguish the difference between side channel blowers and other kinds of air technology equipment. To begin, let's try and understand what a side channel blower

What industries are the high-pressure vortex blowers used for?

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With the continuous development of economy, science and technology, foreign advanced technology and new technology are constantly introduced. High-pressure vortex blowers have been widely used in industrial equipment, equipment auxiliary equipment, civil equipment and other fields. Its main applications are as follows: - The swimming pool equipment mainly uses high-pressure vortex blowers to inject air

What is regenerative blower?

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What is the Regenerative Blower Process? The regenerative blower can be used as either a vacuum or a positive pressure machine. Gas is sucked in through the inlet, and with every rotation of the gas kinetic energy is added. This results in a further increase of pressure along the side channel. Centrifugal force is the

What is difference between Roots blower and Ring blower?

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GOORUI manufacturing ring blower in various airflow and pressure capacity. Ring blower VS Roots Blower comparison for your reference. Now-a-days ring blower is used in lot of applications instead of roots blower use. Ring blower have more advantage compared with roots blowers. This blower is also called as Side channel blower or Regenerative blower or

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