Goorui Regenerative Blower, known also as Ring Blower or Side Channel Blower, is directly driven by TEFC IP54 Grade F insulation electric motors of Goorui’s own make.

As standard equipment, silencers are internally mounted on the discharge and suction side, thereby reducing noise levels considerably. Being highly resistant to corrosion, all blower and motor parts are madeof cast aluminum. Along with the motor fan, the ribs on the blower housing contribute to great heat dissipation.

Our regenerative blower is designed for air transferring as well as pressure or vacuum generation.

· The use of aggressive and toxic media, the air of high humidity and temperature of over 40°C is subject to further clarification.

· The conveying of explosive gases is prohibited.

· If the medium to be conveyed contains solid particles or other pollutions, they are to be removedbefore entering the blower by a flter, or similar device on the suction side.

An increase in the volumetric flow or the pressure could be achieved by connecting two blowers:

· If connected in series, the pressures are added, whereas the volumetric flow remains the same.

· If connected in parallel, the volumetric flow rates are added whereas the pressure remains the same.

-Aluminum blower housing, impeller, and cover.
-Continuous duty, non-pulsating operation.
Low noise and vibration, inlet and outlet have the internal silencer.
-Could be mounted in any plane.
-The oil-free design eliminates contamination of downstream components.
-TEFC enclosure eliminates atmospheric contamination of motor windings and bearings.


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