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GOORUI Side Channel Ring Blower in Sewage Treatment

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In sewage treatment plants, fans are mainly used for ventilation of sewage treatment structures, pre-aeration in wastewater treatment stage, blown aeration in aerobic biochemical treatment, mixing and stirring, etc. Sewage treatment: The purpose of sewage treatment is to meet the water quality requirements of drainage to a certain water body or reuse, and to purify

How to Select A Blower

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When selecting a side channel blower, it is important to choose a model that can achieve air flow and compression/vacuum comfortably within its performance curve. The below performance curve demonstrates vacuum and compression capabilities at 75m³/h airflow: The 2.2kW model is suitable for this flow rate and can withstand a maximum 240mbar pressure. The 1.6kW

0.4 – 29.0 kW GOORUI Side Channel Blowers

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Product Specification   Power   0.4 - 29.0 kW   Brand   GOORUI   Material   Aluminium Alloy   Maximum Flow   2480 m3/h @ 60 Hz   Maximum Pressure   1040 mbar   Maximum Vacuum   -730 mbar Product Description Since 2002, GOORUI has been supplying regenerative/side-channel blowers for the movement of air and


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Given the availability of a large variety of air blower products, it can be challenging to determine which equipment is most suitable for your application. Therefore, it is imperative to distinguish the difference between side channel blowers and other kinds of air technology equipment. To begin, let's try and understand what a side channel blower

What is a side channel blower?

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Side Channel Blowers are designed for the conveying of air as well as for generating pressure or vacuum. Industrial Ring Blowers are known by many different names across the world. They are also referred to as Regenerative Blower, Ring Blower, Turbine Blower, Ring Compressor, Industrial Vacuum Blowers, Vortex Blower etc. Features Rugged & Reliable: The


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As the world's leading air blower supplier, Goorui has over 20 years of experience in design, production and sales, and is committed to building the best quality air blower products. We provide customers with world-class side channel blower, industrial air blower and high-pressure air blower. Goorui air blower has multiple models for customers to choose,

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