The pneumatic conveying of bulk goods is a proven and efficient method for transporting dusts, powders, granulates and other fluidizable materials quickly and reliably within a production site. Differentiation is made between pneumatic suction conveying and pneumatic overpressure conveying – that is, conveying with vacuum or overpressure.

Pneumatic suction conveying is always used when sensitive materials require transportation without contacting the ambient air. Pneumatic suction conveyor systems are primarily used in the food industry, in the plastics processing industry for transporting granulates, and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Pneumatic overpressure conveying, on the other hand, is used for relatively heavy materials such as sand, gravel and cement.If materials are to be transported in relatively large volume, the first choice would be GOORUI side channel blower.

GOORUI vacuum systems are specifically designed for large or complex conveyor systems and are fully commissioned at your installation site, including separation units and control systems as required.