Before start operating the regenerative blower

(1).Make sure that you had read the operating manual and understand the contents very well..

(2).Make sure blower specification is the same as design.

(3).Make sure appearance of blower is not damaged.

(4).Please check the voltage of blower,if the voltage is not stable,please install voltage stabilizer.

(5).Please make sure the inlet of blower without any impurities.

Installation manual of regenerative blower

(1) please double confirm motor voltage is same with power supply confirm the .Check the wiring,motor terminal connection is correct, Reference connection method on motor nameplate.Each electric line is locked,make sure no cutting-out,install groud wire.

(2)Blower should be installed indoor without wind and rain, Environment temperature under 40 degree, Relative humidity under 80%;if need to install at outside of room,please add a shelter.

(3) Blower material is ADC 12, Aluminum alloy,can not intake and convey corrosive gas,in case of explosion,please contact us special design explosion proof blower.

(4)Blower should not install in the circumstance of too much dust,if really needed,please add air filter and air filter barrel.

(5)Please use blower at well ventilated circumstance,can not use it in closed room or closed box.

(6)For convenience of repair,please do not install blower at narrow place.

(7)Please install blower at no vibration place.If really needed,please add shock proof gasket;and use soft pipe to link with blower.

(8)Please make sure no dust fall into cooling fan of the motor.

(9)while choose the connection pipe,please use thermostability pipes and marterial.Make sure pipes will not leak air.while testing the blower,make sure there is no marterial suction into blower.

(10)please refer the arrow on the inlet and outlet of blower,make sure the blower will not be running reversal.If reversal,it can also run,but with low efficiency and may cause big problem.

Operation attention.

(1)while running the blower,it may produce high temperature,in this case,please do not touch the blower with your hand.

(2)the current of the blower maybe changed while running,in case of burn out,please install suitable over load switch.

(3)please make sure the blower work under the range of its max pressure,do not exceed .So better install vacuum or pressure relief valve,to protect blower from burning out.

(4)if you need to filter water,dust ,hard material,powder before using blower,please use filter bag;If you need to install air filter inside of connection pipe,please large area air filter,in case blower will lose a lot pressure.please clean the air filter , air filter bag and inside of blower at regular time.

(5)please change the bearing,oil-seal,silencer at regular time;and based on the circumstance of the using,please change the impeller,cover,metal mesh at regular time.

(6)if the blower run with big and un-normal noise or work not smoothly,please turn off the power and check it in time.

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