Side channel blowers /Regenerative blowers are an often overlooked piece of machinery, but they are essential for many manufacturing processes and daily-use applications. However, most people don’t fully understand what it is that regenerative blowers do or how they work. Read on to learn about how this essential component of so many different manufacturing processes and commonplace items works, and where it can be found.

How Do Side Channel Blowers/ Regenerative Blowers Work?

Side channel blowers produce a constant intake and output of air, either pressurized or under vacuum. An impeller inside the blower spins, creating a pressure differential between the intake and output air. Air enters the intake, is moved via the impeller within the regenerative blower, and then exits through the output. This means that regenerative blowers can be used to both blow, or draw in air with positive, or negative pressure (vacuum) respectively.

How Are Side Channel Bowers /Regenerative Blowers Used?

While most people know very little about these machines, they appear frequently in almost everyone’s daily lives, without them being aware of it. Despite it often being overlooked, industrial blowers are key to industries and manufacturing processes everywhere. Regenerative blowers are part of many common applications and industries, including:

  • Pond aeration equipment
  • CNC machines
  • Engraving equipment
  • Industrial vacuum systems
  • Packaging
  • Printing presses
  • Air knife system
  • WWPT/SEP waste water treatment plant

One of the reasons regenerative blowers are used so frequently in machines is because they’re virtually maintenance free. Regenerative blowers are considered contact-free machines; they can operate up to 30,000 hours without needing to be serviced. Regenerative blowers are an essential component to many types of machines and in a wide variety of industries, and understanding their function and applications can be incredibly helpful.

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