(1) maintenance system of side channel blower

The blower must be used and repaired by an expert.
2. The Blowers is not allowed to run with the disease.
3. Regularly clean the dust inside the blower, especially the dirt and other impurities on the impeller, to prevent rust and imbalance.
4. The maintenance of the fan must emphasize a power outage and shutdown.
5. Check the sensitivity and oil mark of the thermometer regularly.
6. In addition to changing the lubricating oil after each disassembly, the lubricating oil should be changed from march to June under normal circumstances.

(2) main faults and causes of the blower

 Violent vibration of bearing box

1. The blower’s shaft is different from the motor shaft, and the coupling is deformed.

2. Friction between chassis or air inlet and impeller

3. Foundation stiffness is not firm.