The impeller of the blower is composed of a number of blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air in the middle of the impeller blades is affected by centrifugal force and moves towards the edge of the impeller, where the air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and is recycled again from the starting point of the blades in the same way. The circulating air produced by the rotation of the impeller leaves the air pump at very high energy for use.

The side-channel blower is widely used, it is mainly used in some industrial enterprises. In many enterprises, the purpose of using such equipment is to make life and living environment can be a good improvement. In practical use, the equipment can treat wastewater, improve water quality, so that people have a healthy living environment. The side channel blower has high efficiency and high density in wastewater treatment. During the process, it is run directly, using the pressure of the equipment to improve the conversion rate of oxygen, and then continuously pumping the converted air into the water, which is conducive to the decomposition of some harmful and discarded substances.

There are a lot of impurities in the waste gas, wastewater treatment when using a side-channel blower, hard to avoid can appear congestion problem, so you need to use a material that is polyurethane microporous aeration plate film, can effectively improve the equipment problems in the operation, to ensure the normal running of equipment, reduce congestion frequency. When using the side channel blower to treat the wastewater, we should first check whether the equipment is in good condition, and then use the equipment to treat the wastewater under the condition of ensuring no error, which can greatly improve the work efficiency. Now, the side channel blower has become one of the main equipment to wastewater treatment, has been recognized by the public.