Q: what is the difference between Absolute and Gauge pressure?
A- Gauge pressure is relative to the pressure surrounding the measuring devise or atmospheric pressure, whereas Absolute pressure is the total pressure exerted on a liquid or gas. Assuming we are at sea level under standard conditions then the atmospheric pressure would be 1013mbarA or 0mbarg.

Q: why is my Side channel blower operating at excessive temperature?
A – The location of the blower could dictate that it is getting insufficient cooling, alternatively there is no pressure safety relief valve or it is not operating correctly. Additionally, the inlet filter maybe blocked which increases the pumps differential operating pressure.

Q: How often should i change my blower inlet filter element ?
A – This is dependable upon the installation and the environmental conditions which vary between installations. Though as a general rule it should be serviced / changed every 6 months and its best to monitor the filter upon initial installation to establish a specific regime for your installation.

Q:what protection does my pump motor need?
A – All motor should be suitable fused and fitted with thermal overload protection and its setting compatible with the details on the motor nameplate.

Q: How can i get technical details concerning your products ?
A – We are always pleased to discuss your requirements and where possible provide you with tailored information. Contact us

Q: i have an application which does not fall in line with your standard products?
A – Bespoke pumps have been supplied to customer’s specifications and we have the flexibility to provide unique pumps and systems as a solution.

Q: which way around do i install my relief valve?
A – Ensure the valve is teed into pumps connecting line and free to draw or relieve to atmosphere. There is an arrow on the label of the valve showing the direction of flow through the valve, for a vacuum installation the arrow will be pointing down. If it is being used on a blower then the arrow should be pointing up.

Q:Why is my side channel  blower so hot?
A: An overheated blower is typically a sign of excess backpressure.
Make sure your relief valve is adjusted appropriately. If possible, test the amps your blower is pulling to verify the amp draw is within the parameters stated on the motor tag. Call for further assistance. For instruction on adjusting your relief valve refer to FAQ “How do I adjust my relief valve?”

Q: Why is a relief valve important to the Regenerative blower ?
A: A relief valve relieves unwanted pressure build up, known as backpressure. Excess backpressure WILL burn out a blower’s motor or bearings. A relief valve can save you the cost of a replacement blower.

Q:What maintenance does my side channel  blower require?
A: Virtually none, there is no need to grease/oil the bearings as they are sealed and already lubricated when you receive your new blower. Our bearings are designed to last at a minimum, 20,000 hours

Q:How do I adjust my relief valve?
A: You will need an allen wrench (Hex key) and a socket wrench. Insert the hex key into the slot on the vacuum side. Use the socket wrench to adjust the nut on the pressure side of the relief valve. Test your application to ensure your system is working properly. Check your blower’s temperature regularly when adjusting your relief valve; if your blower is too hot then your blower is building up back pressure. Adjust the relief valve accordingly and continue checking the temperature of your blower and functionality of your application. Call for assistance when adjusting your relief valve.

Q:My relief valve is not functioning properly, why?
A: Is your application pressure or vacuum? Relief valves are reversible; allowing them to be utilized for pressure and vacuum, your relief valve may be installed upside down. If your relief valve is installed correctly, try adjusting your relief valve to open at a lower pressure, it may be adjusted too tight.