We will always hear a question: During the use of the side channel blower, foreign objects or large particles are inadvertently inhaled, causing serious damage to the motor and motor!

In fact, this kind of phenomenon is very high for ordinary side channel blowers. Especially when the side channel blower is applied to the suction operation, when the suction function is exerted, the frequency of occurrence is higher. Generally, ordinary side-channel blower on the market will claim that their side-channel blower products have good sealing performance, and the gap is almost zero. However, when they are used in real operation, they will hit themselves.

In general, foreign objects or particles are sucked into the side channel blower, and the impeller may be slightly worn to the front cover of the pump body, which may cause the shaft to wear and produce very unpleasant noise. Seriously, it may cause the winding drum to be penetrated and the motor to be directly burned out.

For example, when it is applied to industrial vacuuming, the factory often has waste residues on the machine, which needs to be collected by side channel blower. If foreign materials such as waste debris are also drawn into the body at this time due to a leak in the filter screen of the side channel blower, the foreign materials may enter the air drum. If foreign matter enters the air drum, it will cause the fan blade to touch the pump body and the front cover, resulting in bearing wear, noise, and jamming, which affects the normal use of the high-pressure fan. It is even possible that the winding drum is directly penetrated as a result, resulting in air leakage, pressure leakage, etc., which greatly reduces the use efficiency of the side channel blower. In addition, if there is a large amount of foreign matter entering, the internal fan of the fan is stuck, which will instantly increase the operating load of the motor and motor, so that the temperature rises and the motor burns directly. At this time, the blowers is equivalent to scrapping, which increases the production cost of the enterprise.

Therefore, the problem of foreign bodies being sucked into the body of the side channel blowers must be paid more attention to by the users. The best solution is to use blowers like GOORUI: good sealing, simple structure, small size, lightweight, stable flow, low noise, long service life, reliable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.