When using air blowers, we often encounter some problems. Although these problems may seem small, they will affect the normal operation of the equipment. So, what measures should be taken for these problems?

1: The pressure or flow rate decreases

When this problem occurs, we should first turn off the power, and then check. First, check whether the air inlet of the device is normal and whether it is blocked, and then check the filter of the air inlet, remember not to remove the filter. Otherwise, it is easy to suck debris into it and damage to the equipment may occur. If after inspection, it is found that a foreign object has entered the device, causing the rubber skin to block the electromagnet, making the electromagnet unable to recover. For this problem, you can open the casing of the device and clean the foreign objects.

If no foreign objects are found after the inspection, you should continue to find the cause. The specific method is: use some air blower with valves such as paper cutter air pumps, screen printing machine air blower and phototypesetter air pumps to check one by one: whether the valve stem is stuck; whether the valve is opened properly; how the lubrication situation is, etc. If this is the case, it can be solved by adding an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, adjusting the intake flow valve and the outlet pressure relief valve. In addition, if the motor is out of phase or the direction of operation is wrong, then this problem will also need to be checked and then processed.


2: The noise becomes larger

The reason why there will be a lot of noise is generally caused by three reasons: 1 is the entry of foreign objects inside the device; 2 is the impeller is stuck; 3 is the bearing damage. Then, for these three types of problems, you can deal with it as follows: 1. Check whether there is debris in the vortex air pump. If there is debris, you can open the casing and clean the debris; 2. If the impeller is stuck, The manufacturer should be contacted for processing, and reassembly is required to eliminate the fault; 3. If the bearing is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced.


3: The temperature of the body increases

If the temperature of the pump body suddenly rises during operation, it may be caused by two reasons. 1 is that the air inlet is blocked, then the air inlet filter should be cleaned; 2 is that foreign matter has entered the blower The inside of the air pump needs to be cleaned up in time.