The multipurpose side channel blower can be used for waste water treatments. For this purpose, side channel blower can be implemented in many activities such as chemical dosing, dust extraction, vacuum lifting, and pump priming.

Here below, we will briefly cover how can side channel blowers be utilized for waste water processing.


Many Industrial enterprises widely employ the side channel blower. The main function of this well thought out instrument is to make a better quality of life. In practical use, the equipment can treat waste waters, improving the water standards, and allowing people to have a healthier living environment. The side channel blower has high efficiency and high density for waste water treatment.

The process is carried out by using the pressure to perfect the conversion rate of oxygen and then continuously pumping the converted air into the water. This procedure will result in the decomposition of some harmful and discarded substances. The impeller of the blower is composed of several blades, which resemble the impeller of a large gas turbine. The air present in the middle of the impeller blades is affected by centrifugal force, which redirects it towards the edge of the impeller. Once at the edge, the air enters the annular cavity of the pump body and is recycled again from the starting point of the blades in the same way. The circulating air produced by the rotation of the impeller leaves the air pump at remarkably high energy.


There are a lot of impurities in the waste water. When using side channel blowers for waste water treatment, congestion problems usually show up and are quite hard to avoid. A solution could be implementing a material such as polyurethane microporous aeration plate film, which can effectively enhance the equipment operations, reducing the congestion frequency. During the process of waste waters, we should first whether the side channel blowers are in optimal condition and make sure of the smooth operation. During the process of wastewaters, we should first ensure that the side channel blowers are in optimal condition and make sure of their smooth operation.  

Side channel blowers have become one of the main tools to carry out wastewater treatment, and professionals worldwide have recognized it has a valuable resource.

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