The Industrial side channel blower sees its application for vacuum lifting, blowing materials, dry blowing, aeration of fluids, and biological processes. They are utilized in many different industries, such as for packaging machines for blowing and sucking, vacuum tables for board-cutting machines, filling tankers due to under pressure, and used as an air source for the aeration in the wastewater treatment.


As for any industrial equipment, regular maintenance checks are required. Regardless, small malfunctions may be caused by operators’ improper utilization. Some of the most common problems that may occur when using side channel blowers are related to their noise production and overheat.


Here we will report some of the main reasons behind side channel blowers’ noise and high temperature. Let’s take a look. 



The first predominant reason is due to poor lubrication quality. The purpose of lubrication is to make the dynamic and static parts not to produce friction when directly in contact with each other. If the amount of lubrication is insufficient or of low quality, the dynamic and static parts will be directly rubbed and heated. At this point, the heat cannot be taken away by lubrication, which will increase the temperature of the side channel blowers’ bearing.


Other possible reasons connected to the side channel blower could be:


  1. A serious problem is the inadequate assembly standards of rolling bearings. If the inner sleeve and the shaft are not tight enough, the gap between the outer sleeve and the bearing seat will become too large or too small.
  2. The cooling water of the blower bearing is insufficient or discontinuous, which affects heat removal and increases the bearing temperature.
  3. The side channel blower bearing vibration is too large to bear the impact load, which seriously affects the stability of the lubricating film.
  4. The quality of the blower bearing itself is not optimal. The sliding bearing low standards, its rolling body surface may have cracks, chipping, flaking, etc.. The mentioned defects may result in breaking the stability and uniformity of the oil film, and subsequently making the bearing overheating.
  5. The side channels blowers’ sealing felt is too tight and generates too much heat. 


Noise Production


When talking instead about the side channel blower’s equipment, the loud noise production is generally related to the general vibration of the blowers’ rotation. Another reason may be the solid vibration noise generated by the upper casing, motor, and bearing of the blowers. 


Among the different causes, though, we have the aerodynamic noise emitted from the air inlet and outlet, which includes rotating noise and eddy current noise. The aerodynamic disturbance is the main source of the noise.


Luckily for us, there are different effective methods by which the noise problem can be solved. Firstly, we could add an isolation cover or install a simple silencer. Vibration isolation is adopted at the place where the blower is set up. Another way could be to take sound insulation measures at the beginning of blowers’ installation and wrap with a hose.



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