The regenerative blower for fishpond aeration is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for high-yield and high-efficiency aquaculture. Reasonable use of aerator can not only prevent and reduce floating head, but also improve water quality, strengthen water circulation in pond and promote plankton reproduction.

The special high-pressure blower for fishpond aeration sends air into the gas transmission pipeline, which sends air into the microporous aeration pipe. Because of its small pore diameter, a large number of micro fine bubbles can be produced to disperse from the pipe wall to the water, and the rising speed is slow, the bubble moves in the water for a long distance, fully contacts with the water , and the oxygen molecule exchange between gas and liquid is sufficient, which also increases the rotation of water flow up and down. The up and down flow of water flow brings the oxygen rich water in the upper layer to the bottom layer, while the rotating flow of water flow diffuses the oxygen rich water around the microporous tube outward  to realize the even oxygen increase of the water in the aquaculture pool.

There are six advantages of high-pressure fans for increasing oxygen in fish ponds:

  1. High efficiency oxygen capacity: due to the bubbles produced by ultra-fine pore aeration, the contact surface with water in water body is very large, the floating velocity is low, and the contact time is long, so the mass transfer efficiency of oxygen is very high.
  2. Activate water body: microporous aeration aerator is like turning water body into a million slowly flowing rivers. Sufficient dissolved oxygen enables water body to establish a natural ecosystem and make water live.
  3. Restore the self purification function of water body: the micro hole aeration is the bottom aeration, while the other aeration is the surface aeration, while the aquaculture water body is mainly the bottom anoxic, the fertilizer mud, organic waste, residual deteriorated feed and other difficult organic matters deposited in the bottom of water body will consume a lot of oxygen, and the sufficient micro hole aeration will transform it into the organic matters dissolved and decomposed by microorganisms, so as to The self purification function of water body was restored.
  4. Ultra low energy consumption: due to the use of microporous aeration equipment, the oxygen mass transfer efficiency is very high, so that the dissolved oxygen per unit water body can quickly reach about 4.5mg/l, less than one quarter of the energy consumption of the water truck or impeller, which can greatly save the power cost of the farmers.
  5. To achieve ecological aquaculture and ensure the aquaculture benefits: continuous micro hole oxygenation provides sufficient dissolved oxygen for the water body, the self purification ability of the water body can be restored and improved, the natural balance of bacteria phase and algae phase can be achieved, the natural ecology of the water body can be constructed, the viability of the aquaculture population can be steadily improved, and the aquaculture benefits can be fully guaranteed.
  6. Safety and environmental protection: the microporous aeration aerator is installed on the shore, with good safety performance, which will not bring any pollution to the water body. Other ways of aerating are working in the water, which is easy to leak electricity and has potential harm to human body and fish and shrimp.

The purpose is to increase enough dissolved oxygen in water or liquid to meet the oxygen demand of aerobic organisms. The aeration blower can produce enough pressure: the aeration process of the blower is the transfer process of molecular mass between the gas and the liquid. In order to make the gas fully diffuse and contact in the liquid and prevent the suspended solids from sinking in the liquid, the aeration blower must be able to produce enough pressure to make the oxygen gas fully stir and dissolve in the liquid.