Side channel blower has two functions of blowing and suction.There will be the corresponding suction pressure when there is air outlet pressure . Then this suction will probably absorb some things near the inlet. Moreover, the side channel blower is a kind of high precise equipment in the processing process. It adopts foreign high-precision processing equipment. It is possible for any small thing to be sucked in Damage to the air pump, so in the use of the most afraid to inhale hard foreign matters.

When the power is on, the air inlet will produce a lot of suction. The smaller the diameter, the greater the suction. That’s why the industrial vacuum box equipped with this kind of vortex air blower. The suction generated can suck in the nuts and screws, so if there is something close to the inlet or floating in the air, there is a great chance that it will be sucked into the blower, If it is a relatively small and fine foreign body, it is OK. If it lands at a certain place, it will not affect the operation of the blower, and the large object will be damaged.

But most of the customers are not so lucky. If it is small, it will produce noise, scratch the inner blower, if it is serious, it will damage the impeller and need to replace the whole front part.

Small objects don’t need to be said. Generally, they will scratch the clean wall passage with the rotation of the impeller, and finally, they will not move when they fall to a certain place with the flow of air.

So, where do the high-pressure blowers concentrate their suction?

1、 The dynamic balance hole in the impeller, such as the accumulation of dust, strip-like cotton wool, etc., generally does not need to be treated, and then centralized treatment is required when the overall maintenance is in the later stage.

2、 Falling at the connection between the pump body and the air outlet, this kind of small part with a little weight, such as small stones, scrap iron and so on. This kind of prevention requires adding a filter to filter the air, and the work piece can not be used for a long time under this condition, otherwise, the service life will be affected.

3、 Large hard objects are not easy to absorb. However, if such materials are absorbed, the impeller blades inside will be knocked out, leading to the scrapping of the front part, which can only be used after replacement.


However, in general, the motor has no influence on the things sucked in. The motor and the front part are two parts, and the sealing ring installed in the middle is used to isolate foreign matters, so there is no influence on the motor.

Even if you inhale something, don’t panic. Firstly observe to see if there is any abnormality. If there is no abnormality, you can continue to use it. If there is any abnormality, you can see if it affects the operation. If the problem is not serious, you can ignore it first. If it really can’t be used, then reprocess or replace it.