What Is Electroplating and How It Works?

To make the workpiece have corrosion resistance and luster, a layer of the metal alloy will be covered the surface of the workpiece most of the time. After the metal alloy solution is deposited in the electroplating bath, the process of forming a metal layer on the surface of the workpiece is called electroplating.

Electroplating exerts great influence on metal products. It can improve the corrosion resistance of metal products or parts. For example, the surface of steel products or parts will be galvanized. The protection and decoration performance of metal products can also be improved by electroplating. In addition, electroplating can restore damaged metal parts. For example, if the shaft, gear, and other important mechanical parts wear after use, they can be restored by iron plating, chromium plating, etc.

Electroplating methods can be divided into continuous plating, hanging plating, and barrel plating. Continuous plating is suitable for mass production of wire and strip, mainly used in the manufacture of electronic products. While hanging plating uses similar hook-like articles on the production line to hang the plated parts and conduct electroplating in the electroplating bath. As for barrel plating, it is a kind of electroplating processing method, in which a certain number of small parts are placed in a special roller, and various metal or alloy coatings are deposited on the surface of the parts by the indirect conductive way in rolling state, so as to achieve the surface protection, decoration, and various functional purposes.

Application of Air Agitation Blower in Electroplating Industry

In the electroplating process, the metal solution should be allowed to form a uniform, dense, and good adhesion metal layer on the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, the agitation of the metal solution matters a lot. If the power that the air agitation blower supply is not enough, the metal solution will deposit at the bottom of the tank, resulting in uneven electroplating of the product. The main application of air agitation blower in the electroplating industry is that the air agitation blower can provide long-term and stable wind power for electroplating bath to ensure even plating. Air agitation blower is mainly used for continuous plating and hanging plating to speed up the production process and improve the product quality but rarely used in barrel plating.

GOORUI blower, a kind of air agitation blower, has replaced various air compressors and other high-pressure air conveying devices in thousands of metal finishing production lines. It provides clean, oil-free, and stable air to realize reliable and energy-saving air agitation for electroplating baths. Besides, installing the GOORUI blower reduces operating costs, and you can expect it to improve plating quality, increase productivity, and allow continuous plating.

Improve electroplating quality

Air agitation maintains a uniform solution concentration and prevents the separation of chemicals in the solution so as to improve the quality of electroplating. GOORUI blower can prevent the concentration of excessive collection and ensure uniform contact for the workpiece and the electroplating solution by removing the dirt particles and dissolved grease in the electroplating bath. Moreover, the air agitation blower will keep the solution fresh and minimize the change of solution required with a steady wind stream.

Increase productivity

The low-pressure air of the GOORUI regeneration blower can effectively remove the cathode film through high-speed electroplating, thus reducing polarization. Polarization is the increase of electrode resistance caused by the chemical reaction of metal finishing, which will cause the electrolytic reaction required in the production process to slow down sharply and affect production efficiency. GOORUI blower can also improve rinsing efficiency and reduce the amount of water required for rinsing to meet the need for plant waste treatment systems.

In a word, the application of air agitation blower in the electroplating industry is essential. It is wise of you to choose a high-quality blower to carry out electroplating effectively. After 20 years of exploration by the professional service team, GOORUI blower embedded the advanced technology has been able to meet the different needs of users. Also, GOORUI provides OEM / ODM services for side channel blowers, air agitation blower, and so on. For more information, browse the entire catalog to select the preferred air agitation blower.