GOORUI blower is one of the most popular industrial blowers that are widely used by many famous enterprises. The prosperous development of scientific and technological industries renders technical support to the progress of industrial blowers. Meanwhile,higher requirements are put forward for quality and function of it,facilitating the updating of the industrial blower. GOORUI blower, which affirmatively meets the demands raised by the new era,emerges at the right moments and with the advantages over Roots blower.

It is universally acknowledged that the GOORUI blower has enjoyed popularity in the market today, which propels industrial blower manufacturers to produce the best quality blower for customers. So, what are the differences between GOORUI blower and Roots blower?

Let us briefly introduce you to some main differences between the GOORUI blower and Roots blower. Hope it will help you to make an optimal choice when choosing an industrial blower.

Heat resistance

The heat resistance of the GOORUI blower exceeds the heat resistance of the Roots blower. High temperature is always the biggest challenge of the blower. If the blower is operated at excessive pressure or vacuum levels with insufficient airflow, it will result in higher operating temperatures. These higher heats may cause premature bearing failure. Under such circumstances, GOORUI blower configured with the thermal protection function, which can directly monitor the motor temperature. What is worth noting is that GOORUI blower is the first product to use thermal protection in China.

Pressure Variation

GOORUI blower, which adopting wide voltage range dial frequency 50/60Hz, has a more stable pressure than Roots blower. Hence, with the CE, RoHs certificates approval, GOORUI blower can be used without any modifications and tests in Europe, America, and Asia.

Environmental hazards

Compared with Roots blower, GOORUI blower will be more environmental-friendly. For Roots blower, it needs to charging fuel, which will further cause oil gas pollution. While the GOORUI blower does not need oil fulling and has higher air cleanliness, the GOORUI blower is more environmentally- friendly and can be immune from secondary pollution. 

Low noise

Generally speaking, GOORUI blower can produce more than 1000mbar differential pressure, which is higher than the Roots blower. Most machines that can also produce such differential pressure usually have a bigger size, higher noise. GOORUI blower equipped with the muffler installed in the airflow channel is a device that prevents sound propagation and allows airflow. The shockproof device pedestal is also used to alleviate the noise. 


Technological Support

GOORUI blower adopts the special NSK/SKF bearing, which is more steel, more suitable for long-term non-stop operation than Roots blower. It also adopts German air return technology. Even when the outlet is squeezed, it can run smoothly. What is worth noting is that the pump body is die-cast. It can reduce mechanical wear. Compared to the iron casting of Roots blower, the solid and robust cast housing of GOORUI blowers has higher stability and good corrosion resistance in general.

Although GOORUI blower is slightly better than Roots blower in heat resistance, pressure variation, and environmental friendliness, Roots blower also has its unique advantages. In fact, Roots blower has a bigger high-pressure zone. Besides, Roots blower has a bigger capacity of the blast. Among the blower, Roots blower remains a popular choice for applications such as grit tank cleaning, filter flushing, backwashing, and the recovery of gases.

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