The high-pressure blower is also termed as forced draft high-pressure fans or centrifugal fans, are the common industrial fans. They are helpful in applications involving high static pressure and reduced airflow. They are designed to move air, light-weighted particles, and vapours. Furthermore, they can also handle sticky, abrasive, and high-temperature air streams. The primary reason behind this device’s application is to increase the air’s velocity by making it travel through equipped impellers.  


Now let us have a look at the working mechanism of the high-pressure blower. Inside a high-pressure blower, the motor through the shaft transfers power to the fan impeller. As a result of the impeller’s rotation, the air inside the device moves under the effect of centrifugal force. The higher the size of the blades the greater would be the centrifugal force to the atmosphere. A high-pressure blower mainly consists of an impeller and a shell. Usually, these commercial fans operate between 1000-12000 rpm.

The high-pressure blower is a handy device, and its application is pervasive. These are used in industrial and large scare commercial applications. These devices are needs for systems having long duct runs and in which air is required at a very particular place, especially with high pressure. Some of their application includes: Room pressurization, Dust collection/extraction system, Cooling system, Cleaning and building maintenance. Even though the machine has a wide range of applications, this article will mainly discuss high-pressure blowers in the dust extraction system.


Application of high-pressure blower in the dust extraction system

Dust, fume, and mist collection are essential in almost every industry, be that a small scale or a mega factory, to ensure a clean and neat environment. The extraction of dust using a high-pressure blower is quite common in various industries. Dust extraction systems improve the quality of the air, thus ensuring safety. The dust is collected by the system from the contaminant source and then transferred to the contaminant capture point. The system can consist of air filtration, hoods, and a collector like traps, bag-house, etc.


Advantages of using the high-pressure blower for dust extraction

The high-pressure industrial air blower is a very efficient device used in dust extraction. Dust extraction is a very healthy activity. Firstly, when the dust is removed, a clean and neat environment is achieved. Otherwise, the chemicals and the dust particles can cause illnesses and other health concerns in the industry’s employers. A high-pressure blower creates exceptionally high pressure, which makes the dust extraction fast and less labour extensive.  

The next advantage is the lower operating costs. When the dust is collected and removed on a timely basis, the industry requires significantly less maintenance. So, through a high-pressure blower as a dust extraction system, you can reduce maintenance costs.

The high-pressure blower is designed to be very energy efficient, so a significant amount is assured to be saved upon using this device. Higher productivity can also be achieved as the downtime of equipment is reduced. Moreover, the life span of equipment is also increased.

Then the other benefit is related to the quality of the product. In a dust-free environment, the resulting product is free from defects caused by dust.


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