Precautions for using and installing Goorui side channel blowers:

1. The side channel blowers must be put in a secure area, as well as the surrounding environment ought to be tidy, dry and also aerated.
2. The turning direction of the high-pressure blower impeller have to follow the direction of the arrow noted on the follower cover.
3. When the high-pressure blower is working, the functioning pressure will not be above 8kpa, so as not to create the follower to generate too much warm and electric motor overcurrent to cause damage to the air pump.
4. Besides both bearings of the motor rotor, various other parts of the side channel blowers have no straight contact friction. The follower bearing installation mode is generally split into 2 kinds. The bearing of the initial type of air pump end is set up in the pump body in between the motor base as well as the impeller. This sort of air pump does not require oil at regular times. The bearings of the second kind of air pump end are installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearings of this kind of air pump end ought to be frequently greased. When a month, the number of refueling must be raised for the air pump working constantly in 3 changes. This type of air pump motor fan end bearings maintenance according to the very first type of air pump.
5. The filter screen and also muffler at both ends of the high-pressure follower need to be cleaned up prompt according to the circumstance, so as not to obstruct the use of.
6. Side channel blowers birthing replacement: the substitute of the bearing need to be operated by individuals accustomed to the repair. Loosen the screws on the pump cover, and afterwards remove the components one by one in the order shown. The eliminated parts ought to be cleansed and then constructed backwards order. When taking apart, the impeller can not be tough pry, the application of unique ramallah, at the same time do not omit the change gasket, so as not to impact the clearance of the regulatory authority when leaving the factory.
7. The side channel blowers is purely banned from solid, liquid as well as harsh gas right into the pump body.

On the application of Goorui side channel blowers:

1. Air suction feature: screen printing machine adsorption, welding exhaust gas absorption, weaving device wire absorption, photographic plate production, powder conveying, publishing adsorption, commercial vacuuming, vacuum dehydration, publication making equipment, cloth residual therapy, milk carton filling equipment, tofu machinery, processing materials upkeep, work site, ironing maker, gas decomposition.

2. Air compressor feature: gas heavy oil injection, bottle washing machine blow dry, paper cloth strike, completely dry with air knife, reducing equipment air pillow, livestock manure fermentation explosion, summons transport, electrolyte blending, oxygen supply container, punch device convenient marking after taking molding products, powder bit transport, incineration heater waste, smoke blowing, cleaning as well as drying, printing press compelled drying, after washing blow dry.