GOORUI manufacturing ring blower in various airflow and pressure capacity. Ring blower VS Roots Blower comparison for your reference. Now-a-days ring blower is used in lot of applications instead of roots blower use. Ring blower have more advantage compared with roots blowers. This blower is also called as Side channel blower or Regenerative blower or Turbine blower and it is used in air agitation, aeration blower applications.

Comparison between Ring blower Vs Roots Blower:

Description Ring Blower Roots Blower
Airflow volume High Low
Noise level Less High
Drive Direct Drive Belt Drive
Spare Parts Less High
Efficiency High Low
Maintenance Less Very High
Output air Dry clean Air Oil contain Air
Heat Less High
Bearing oil sealed bearing Regular oil lubrication is required
Cost Less Very High
Construction Very simple Complicated construction
Weight Light Weight Heavy weight 


Ring blower used in various application in industries.
· Sewage treatment plant aeration sewage water
· Fish pond aeration in water
· Biofloc aeration
· Electroplating air agitation in liquid
· Powder, Granules conveying
· Methane suction and delivery to combustion chamber
· Vacuum Hold-down
· Pick and place vacuum application
· Pneumatic conveying system

GOORUI Manufacturing aquaculture turbine blowers for pond aeration in fish farms. Our Blowers are oil free air and supply high volume air supply comparing the other air pumps and compressors. Oxygen is must for fish alive in water, So our side channel blowers mostly used in fish farm, all kind of sea food farms, Sea Foods manufacturing plants.

How ring blower working:
Air or gas is sucked into a side channel through the air inlet and is accelerated by an impeller fan rotating inside the impeller outer chamber. The resulting pressurized air or gas is discharged through the exhaust outlet. This type of operation is also known as a “ring” or “side channel” blower design.

Applications of Ring Blower:
· Ring blower is familiar for fish pond aeration, Biofloc plant aeration etc.
· STP & ETP air supply
· Any kind of air agitation
· Ballon & Gloves testing
· Printing
· Spa Air Supply
· Methane Air supply etc…

Ring Blower Features:
· 100% oil free and Insulation class is F,
· Continous duty and Protection class is IP55.
· Various Frequency 50 Hz & 60 Hz are available
· Made up of die cast aluminum
· Both usage of Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).
· Virtually maintenance free, with SKF Double sealed long life bearings.
· Smart Compact design and Low noise Level
· ATEX Explosion Proof Motor & Belt Drive is available
· Anti-corrosion blower and special color also available.

Roots Blower delivered air with oil content and it is danger for fish and Prawns. But ring blower suck and deliver the atmospheric air without any oil content. Direct drive motor increase more efficiency compare with Belt drive Roots Blower. Ring blower give Effective aeration in shrimp farming and Prawn Farming. This is essential for Biofloc farming.