Most of the applications in the food industry are geared toward the removal of water. And GOORUI ring vacuum pumps are commonly used in concentrating fruit juice, adjusting the boiling point (temperature) of water during cooking, and flash cooling after a food item has been cooked processes.

The materials of construction for these systems are normally cast iron or 316 stainless steel. Many of these systems are supplied with a pre-condenser to remove most of the condensable load upstream of the liquid ring pump. This results in a much smaller vacuum system.

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The following points are the application of GOORUI ring vacuum pumps in the food and beverage industry:

Stores and wraps
To prevent fruit or meat from spoiling, they are stored in freezers under so-called controlled environmental conditions: the freezers are vented and filled with inert gas. Inert gas can also be carefully compressed into packaging material.

Dairy processing and milking
On the yogurt dispenser, the vacuum pump can be used to simultaneously install LIDS on five pre-filled yogurt containers. The suction cups on the machine clamp the LIDS, separate them, and then move them into place. In addition to delivering milk, the vacuum in the milking system performs other tasks, such as attaching the udders of cows and sheep to help support the weight of the device.
The obvious advantage of liquid ring pumps and side flow fans over conventional oil lubricated pumps is that no oil is used. The other great advantage of the side flow fan is that it can be equipped with frequency converter without water pipe connection.

Cutting machine
The meat mixture is cut into small pieces and mixed with spices and other additives for sausage processing. Degassing during slicing and mixing helps prevent the meat mixture from oxidizing, which can adversely affect the taste and appearance of sausages. Vacuum degassing at approximately 100 mbar. The pump used must not be affected by the meat pellet and the liquid to be removed together.

The surrounding pressure has a mechanical effect on the product, which can greatly change the external shape. Therefore, MAP process method has been selected in many application fields. In this process, the product is air-conditioned packaged without oxygen. The product is packed in a blister bag and placed in a vacuum chamber to empty the air. Then inject the adjusted gas, bubble wrap packaging bags and food using protective film seal.
If this method is used, food will remain the same even after long storage, while meat products will remain fresh and red.

Remove the internal organs
The internal organs of fish and mollusks must be removed and cleaned before any further processing. The work table is equipped with an appropriate suction nozzle for sucking out fish entrails. The central vacuum system transports the mixture of liquid and coarse particles to the filter for separation and then proper disposal. The same is true of the poultry industry.

Bales of potatoes are very perishable and, if not properly humidified, will turn into a heap of mud during further processing. A vacuum pump removes air from the bunched potatoes and then pumps in water vapor, sometimes adding an aroma. This method is also used for other types of foods that require humidification.

Many ingredients are processed using a vacuum to keep them dry.

There are many requirements for the vacuum pump in the packaging process, in the process of removing only air, in the removal of water vapor, fat and mixed spices are also the same. Due to the high requirements of taste, color, nutrition balance and shelf life, vacuum is increasingly used for meat processing in machines such as filling machines, rolling machines and cutting machines.

Preserve cooked products
Fruits and vegetables and the products they are made from, such as rice bran feed and vegetable puree, are preserved after cooking. This requires heating a small amount of water to form degassed steam. To ensure high product quality and energy efficiency, storage is carried out under vacuum.

Tea and spices are disinfected
Vegetable leaves and spices imported from the tropics are shipped in bales and usually contain pests, insects, fungi and bacteria that must be removed before further processing. This is achieved by placing the bales of vegetable leaves and spices in a vacuum container and venting them. Then steam or sterilized gas is injected.

Loading machine and sealing machine
When putting beverage, cosmetic and medicine into bottle, want to draw out the air in bottle first, load again next, what ensure to arrive at client hand is high-quality goods. bottling
When beer is bottled, the residual oxygen content in beer must be minimized. To this end, breweries use two methods, either individually or in combination:
The bottle is filled with carbon dioxide and beer through a long tube filling machine. In this case, the canning machine tube is inserted into the bottle, and the bottle is rinsed with co2 before the beer is filled. This method consumes more carbon dioxide.
Air is expelled from the bottle before being flushed with carbon dioxide. This method greatly reduces the consumption of carbon dioxide because most of the oxygen has been removed.

Filtration devices are used to filter and clean liquids. The choice of filtration membrane (nanofiltration, ultrafiltration or microporous filtration) depends on the requirements of the product. For example, cross-flow filtration requires the material flow to circulate over the membrane surface generated by the pressure difference between the leachate and the permeate. During the filtration process, the precipitated particles on the membrane surface are gradually cleared by the cross-flow velocity generated by the pump to minimize polarization.

Advantages of overview
Oil-free technology: avoid any contamination risk in food processing, which also benefits from our compressor screw core special coating technology;
Low temperature operation :(the temperature is 20% lower than other technologies) the transmission material will not deteriorate;
High energy efficiency: rotor profile (Robuschi patent) enables maximum efficiency while reducing speed, thus achieving energy saving;
No worries: this is helped by the Sentinel, a continuously monitored control panel.