Bare shaft side channel air blower are a blower without motor. This kind of design are much suitable to portable usage. The drive mechanism is powered by combustion engines or hydraulic engines.

Mostly have two ways to drive the blower:
A. the direct drive by using a V-belt to drive.
B. work with a separate electric engine/ motor.
Both are can reach a high speed and get a higher capacity.

1. lightweight due to use of aluminium
2. corrosion-proof aluminium
3. friction-free operation, thus no wear to the ventilator
4. oil free, thus no maintenance
5. feature noise-dampers as standard, for low noise levels
6. universal gas pipe connection at inlet and outlet
7. large choice of capacities and pressures
8. vibration-free and pulsation-free operation
9. multiple uses in pressure or vacuum applications

1. Pneumatic conveying systems.
2. Vacuum lifting systems.
3. Fish and shrimp pond oxygen supply.
4. Wastewater treatment and electroplating pool aeration.
5. Packing and printing machines.
6. Bottle drying system with air knife.
7. Dental vacuum suction machine and medical equipment.
8. Textile machines.
9. Smoke extraction in industry or kitchen.
10. Food processing drying .
11. Vegetable washing machine.
12. Industry vacuum cleaner.
13. Soil remediation