Side channel blowers are aggregates for sucking or compressing air. There are the following designs:
• side channel blowers with one impeller (single-stage)
• side channel blowers with two impellers which are divided in
– double-stage design (higher pressure differential)
– double-flute design (higher flow rate)
• side channel blowers with three impellers (triple-stage) for very high pressure differential

Depending on the design the alignment of the suction/discharge connections may vary. Details are shown in the data sheets of the respective aggregate.

The electric motor is modularly connected to the pump unit.
The sealing of the driving shaft is ensured by a maintenancefree mechanical shaft seal.

The side channel blower can be used both for generating a negative pressure (vacuum) as well as for the generation of positive pressure (overpressure).

The generated maximum differential pressure of the side channel blower depends on the power of the associated engine.

The rotating parts of the side channel blower do not touch the housing, so no friction losses occur and lubrication is neither necessary nor permitted. As a result, the side channel compressor compresses the sucked-in gas absolutely oil-free so no contamination of the gas while conveying occurs.

Advantages of a side channel blower:
compact design
low maintenance
easy installation
comparatively low sound pressure level
pulsation-free airflow

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