The weather at the poles of the earth is very bad, but no matter how bad the weather is, it can not stop human beings from exploring the nature.

On November 7, 2013, China’s 30th Antarctic expedition team set sail from China’s polar research dock aboard the Xuelong polar research ship. For the first time, FOERSHENG GOORUI blower appeared on the Xuelong, becoming the designated air purification equipment for the polar scientific expedition vessel .

XueLong ’ 36th Antarctic expedition to the South Pole

“Xuelong” carried by GOORUI Blower broke through the limit of polar temperature and overcame the long-term turbulence of maritime navigation. The polar environment was harsh and the equipment loaded

was faced with severe test. Meanwhile, the ecological environment of the polar region was good and could not be polluted.The equipment on board should not only operate stably and normally, but also do not damage the existing ecological environment of the polar region as much as possible, which is a necessary condition for the selection of equipment.

At-site picture of GOORUI Blower on Xuelong

Up to now, GOORUI High-pressure blower has been fighting for six years in the harsh environment of the Antarctic cold weather, and has been fighting for the long-term, and has lived up to the expectations of the “Xuelong” Antarctic scientific research escort work. Stable and reliable, it has been recognized by the Antarctic expedition team.

After six years , the brand GOORUI High Pressure blower which under the name of Foersheng group , can be started smoothly under the

condition of extreme cold and oxygen deficiency in addition to the energy saving and environmental protection, it had the performance advantages such as low noise, small size, safety and stability . It was selected by China “Xuelong 2” as the designated supporting equipment for air detection, accompanied by “Double Dragon” again.

“ Xuelong 2”

At 10 am morning October 23, a whistle rang, and the hero’s “Xuelong” sailed from Shanghai to the South Pole. Earlier on October 15, China’s first self-built polar scientific research icebreaker “Xuelong 2” sailed from Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Port. “Xuelong” and “Xuelong2” jointly launched “Shuanglong Exploration”, forming a new pattern of Chinese Antarctic exploration.

For the first time, “Double Dragon Polar Expedition ” will open a new pattern of China’s polar expedition, and “Double Dragon Polar Expedition” will become a normalized mode of investigation in the future.

Improve the level of environmental observations in the Antarctic in China. The survey will focus on the marine environment survey of the Astronauts Sea and the Amundsen Sea, and expand the ocean observation network around the Antarctic climate change and ecological environment protection. In-depth study of the role and impact of Antarctic in global climate change, and further enhance the perception of the Antarctic.

Implement a “Green survey”. In addition to routine scientific investigations, the inspection will carry out environmental remediation of the station and station area, strictly implement the environmental assessment and management system of the Antarctic survey in accordance with regulations, and protect the ecological environment of the Antarctic.